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Hi… I’m Lillie!

I help women who are ready to move beyond their "successful" career and transition to a life that is filled with joy, purpose and fulfillment!

I know all too well what it’s like to be living a life that is missing “something” but at the same time not knowing quite what that “something” is.

I spent 30 years in corporate leadership, climbing the ladder and earning great money, but the environment was draining me; I just wasn’t happy. Additionally, I have experienced many transitions in my life where I found the need to reinvent myself and carve out a new path — marriage, motherhood, the care of a sick parent, divorce, breast cancer, remarriage, and numerous leadership roles as I climbed the corporate ladder. 

At 55 years old, I gathered up all my courage, left my corporate job and embarked on a journey to again reinvent myself and find my purpose.

What followed were two of the hardest and most rewarding years of my entire life. Finding my passion was not easy. I had to push myself every day to be open to new possibilities and overcome my fears and insecurities, but it was worth it. I finally connected to the contribution I am meant to make in this world; I finally discovered what it means to be genuinely and deeply fulfilled.

Coaching and helping other women turned out to be that “something” I was searching for — the thing that makes me feel fulfilled, joyful and excited to wake up and start work every morning. I get immense fulfillment when I see my clients thriving, loving their lives and feeling like they have a purpose that they can be proud of.

Along my two year journey, I was introduced to Danielle LaPorte’s book, The Fire Starter Sessions and later to her book The Desire Map.  They played a pivotal role in my journey and have helped transform my life by helping me gain clarity around how I want to feel in every area of my life.  When Danielle decided to license facilitators to lead Desire Map Workshops, I immediately accepted and am so happy to add this powerful tool to my practice.   I held the first Desire Map Workshop in Charlotte in February 2015 and it continues to be an integral part of my work.

Further along my journey I was introduced to the work of Dr. Brené Brown and it was truly life changing. I became a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (CDWF) in December 2016 and love being part of this movement to help people find the courage to Show Up - Be Seen - Live Brave™in their lives.

When I am not coaching, I am spending time with the loves of my life, my husband of 22 years, my son, daughter-in-law and my delightful granddaughters (I just love being their Mimi).  In my spare time I am either cooking, gardening, or traveling.

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Praise for Lillie

“When I first started working with Lillie, I thought I knew where I wanted to go. I just needed help in planning the route. I was desperate for change, but wasn’t being intentional about how that looked. Lillie helped me explore my options, think creatively, question some of the limitations I had placed on myself, and embrace some really exciting opportunities that I hadn’t even considered. I’ve never felt more authentic, focused and motivated as I do today. I am truly blessed to have worked with Lillie, and I wouldn’t trade a moment of our work for anything.”

Anna C., Charlotte, NC

"Lillie has an exceptional coaching style that demonstrates her knowledge and  professionalism in a casual, but very astute and caring manner. Her ability to pull together bits and pieces of information given to her, and then ask the exact question that is needed for the client to open up and share is amazing!   I highly recommend Lillie to anyone needing a coach, but especially to professionals going through life and / or career transitions."

Cynthia Dixon, MSN, RN, FACHE, Atlanta, Georgia

"Lillie help me rebuild my confidence after a job loss and a need to reconnect to what I love to do.  Over our 4 month coaching sessions, she expertly and gently guided me to a greater understanding of my strengths and raised my awareness of how stress impacted my ability to reach my goals. Lillie helped me figure out how I might be sabotaging myself even when going after goals really desired! 

Lillie's recommendation of establishing rituals - for me these were journalling, meditating and exercise - has helped me process my feelings about losing a long-held job and tap into my unique talents. 

Lillie's  wisdom, experience and kindness were exactly what I needed. She helped me understand that whatever goal I'm trying to reach or problem I'm trying to solve, I have it in me to figure it out. "

Catherine Murphy, Richmond, VA

"Working with Lillie has helped me to clarify different parts of my life, and to create action plans to help sort through the fuzziness that I feel in my life.  I am learning to clarify and communicate what it is that I do and don't want in my work life and personal life.  She listens well and provides good feedback on different ways to guide my thinking to create a more productive result."

Amy Hartman, Charlotte, NC