Gifts of Breast Cancer - Feel the love

I have always been a leader. I was the big sister and I was given (or took) a lot of responsibility for my sisters, and honestly everyone in my family.  I was a Lieutenant in my dance team in high school (I know, Lieutenant Lillie, hilarious!) and was Vice President of the Student Council.  When I went into the workforce, it wasn’t long before I found myself in a leadership position.  Often leading people much older than me. 


In earlier times (and honestly, still sometimes today) a girl or woman that is a leader is often considered bossy at best or a bitch at worst.  I have been called both.  Especially in my business life, I was a tough cookie and often rubbed people the wrong way with my "truth telling" (as my friend Pam calls it).  I always thought (and still do) that it is more caring to a person to tell them the truth rather than tell them what they want to hear and then take action based on the truth (promotions, performance evaluations, etc.)  I say all of that to say that I had developed the perception that I was not well liked in my work life. 


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went into surgery for the mastectomy they performed to treat it.  I remember waking up very groggy from the surgery in my room at the hospital and being surrounded by flowers, balloons, cards, etc.  As I looked around the room I must have had a look of wonder on my face as I saw it all. My sister noticed it.  She looked at me and said "I know, pretty cool, all this for someone nobody likes!"  My sister could always be counted on to lighten things up!


I will never forget it! I felt surrounded by the outpouring of love.  The cards were beautiful and filled with handwritten heartfelt messages. The visits from the folks at the office were so loving and caring. I was so held up and warmed by it.  The feeling was palpable.  There was so much loving energy.  It was just one of the many gifts of cancer.


I often talk with my clients about how interpretations can block energy and get in the way of what we want in our lives.  This is a perfect example of it.  I had an interpretation of how people felt about me that was completely untrue and it blocked me from feeling it until this life-threatening event.  Often our interpretations are completely untrue (cause, after all, we are just making them up) and yet they impact our lives significantly.  I am so grateful that cancer let me see these people in their true light - with hearts full of love.


What might you be interpreting incorrectly?  How would your life change if you saw it differently?